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About Us

The primary mission of American Aikikai Federation (AAF) is to create an organization that will unify the Aikidoka worldwide. Fundamentally, to continue the walk on the path of Budo that was developed by the founder of Aikido – Morihei Ueshiba. Aikido defines True Budo as that which comes from the unification of technique, body, and heart, a self-defining manifestation: success does not depend upon the technique, but rather relies upon the heart of the practitioner.

AAF aims to cultivate and enhance the practice of Aikido and the spirit of friendship among Aikido practitioners. AAF also arranges, endorses, and administers demonstrations, seminars, and other Aikido related events to help promote equality. In addition, AAF developments extracurricular activities for members of its dojos, promotes groundwork research, cogitation, and distribution of information and materials related to Aikido.

AAF is not politically or fiscally oriented. Instead, the organization follows Japan's tradition by offering its clean, modest, honest, and true guidance, support, and fellowship, while at the same time striving for the unification and promotion of Aikido.

AAF Chairman of the Technical committee and President

Michael Moreno Shihan

7th Dan Aikikai

Moreno Shihan leads the AAF with an intense understanding of Aikido and its antiquity. His passion for Aikido and ability to inspire students from the heart is felt around the world. Moreno Shihan’s primary focus within the AAF is to maintain unity with all dojos and members to create a stronger bond between students of Aikido worldwide.


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